Outreach and Service

I have been very fortunate to have had significant support and role models in my formative years. I believe that much of who and what I am today can be attributed to those influences. Passing on this support is becoming increasingly important to me. Below are some examples of organized means by which I have started this. If you would like me to speak or otherwise contribute to at an event about science, careers in science, or related topics, please contact me by email.

Public Science Speaking:

  • "Computer Models of the Universe," University of Goettingen Zukunftstag (Future Day), 15 March, 2019

  • "Journey Through the Dark Universe", University of Goettingen 4th Bi-Annual Night of Science, 26 January, 2019

  • A Night Under the Stars, Astronomers of Verde Valley and Alamo Lake State Park, 2008

  • Speaking to multiple elementary, middle, and high school audiences about the nature of my research or other STEM-related topics

    • Roosevelt Elementary, Klamath Falls, OR

    • Klamath Union High School, Klamath Falls, OR

    • Mazama High School, Klamath Falls, OR

    • International Community School, Kirkland, WA

    • McClure Middle School, Seattle, WA

Outdoors and Environment:

  • Member of the Washington State Trailblazers and the Hi-Lakers, volunteers for the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife. Through my participation and leadership, I have

    • provided over 1000 surveys of lake flora and fauna in the state of Washington

    • led or assisted in dozens of stockings of mountain lakes

    • organized group trips for new and inexperienced members

    • organized speakers for monthly meetings

    • served as Secretary, Vice-president, President, Program Coordinator and member on the advisory board of the Hi-Lakers

    • collected DNA and other information on invasive species to assist in naturalization efforts

    • supplied data to Washington Department of Natural Resources to help guide wildlife recovery and recreation in the state

  • Volunteer to the Mount Rainier National Park wildlife division

    • provided valuable route and survey information on remote areas of the park

General Community Service:

  • Mentor, Senior Research Course, Delta High School, Pasco, WA

  • Work Party Leader for Integral Youth Services, Inc. in Klamath Falls, OR

    • trained student workers

    • guided and managed small group of at-risk youth during the Summer Work Program

  • Volunteered in a number of capacities with the University of Washington Physics and Astronomy group, including